Fit the Tree Collar snuggly (not tight) around the trunk of the tree. As the tree grows, loosen as needed, usually in three months. When no tree is being held, close the Tree Collar. Closing an empty Tree Collar helps prevent damage from the wind and sun.

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The TREE FARM MODEL Tree Collar is used by commercial tree farms who are growing a number of plants in a row or by retail garden centers who need a permanent holding area where larger container plants can be securely held and displayed. The Tree Collar attaches to a cable line that posts to the ground.

We make three styles:

TF #1
Fits a 1” to 2” plant DBH (usually a 15 gallon)
TF #2
Fits a 2” to 3” plant DBH (usually a 20 to 30 gallon)
TF #3
Fits a 3” to 4” plant DBH (usually a 30 to 65 gallon)

The Tree Farm Model Tree Collar is made with heavy-duty polypropylene webbing. It bolts on to the cable with versatile stainless steel cable clamps. A rubber padding inside the polypropylene webbing further protects against trunk scarring. The Tree Collar fastens to the tree with both a Velcro and a latch, which will not slip or accidentally come off. It is easy to adjust, open and close.


Post & Cable Line Holding System (see larger drawing)


Every grower has a slightly different holding system. Following is a description of a typical post and cable line system to hold plants.

Use ” high tensile cable, especially when holding containers of 30 gallon or larger. Use 4” by 6” treated posts that are 8’ long. Using an auger, bury the posts into the ground 3 feet. The posts are placed 50’ apart for support. The entire run of the cable, however, could be over 400’. Ground anchors, similar to what is used to anchor a mobile home, anchor the cable to the ground on each end. A turnbuckle is placed at the mid-point of the cable line. The turnbuckle is used to tighten and loosen the cable line as needed. If the Tree Collars are placed every 5’, this 400’ line will hold 80 trees.

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